This challenge has taught me a lot. Most importantly it got me writing. In 1 and a half month I have written over 20 000 words which is more than double the amount I’ve written in the last year. The self criticism doesn’t block my creativity the way it did before. I can now sit down and write whenever I want. But through this challenge I started realising that the goal of writing 500 words a day is not really aligned with the end goal. The…Continue Reading “Day 46 – What I Learned From Writing 500 Words A Day”

When I started this challenge I had no idea what I was getting myself into. A spontaneous hunch called me to action and I consciously did not give myself time to overthink it. After writing at least 500 words everyday for 24 days straight I started avoiding very important parts of the process. My constant pressure to produce content strained my energy and willpower, leaving me exhausted. For many days I could not force myself to do research or edit my material. I can not honestly believe that…Continue Reading “Day 27 – The Importance Of Rest”

It is now Day 15 and I have written 9426 words in total. I am very happy about the progress I’ve made so far. I’m getting some good work done but I think I can still do things better. To do that, I need to make changes in my routine. I invest a lot of time in creating a great book that will provide you with a lot of value. But I feel like I need to invest even more time everyday.  Creating blog posts everyday has…Continue Reading “Day 15 – Focusing My Time On What Is Important”

There are so many rules to learn to be effective at playing this game. The game called life. It’s a game which takes a long time to really understand, if you ever do. And where is the rulebook? You simply didn’t get any instructions at all. You are born and then you just have to make it somehow. I guess our parents are responsible for teaching us some of the basic rules. “Don’t hurt the other kids” and “if you share what you have you might get something back next time”. But…Continue Reading “Day 14 – The Game Called Life”

Did you ever get this question as a child? Of course you did! And what did you answer? And how did it turn out? I think I, at one point, said I was going to be a professional skateboarder. Becoming a rockstar was a thing I wanted as well. I didn’t become any of that (yet), so, what happened on the way?   I once listened to some people discussing a recording of 100 kids saying what they wanted to be when they grew up….Continue Reading “Day 13 – When I Grow Up I Want To Be…”

I have read, many times before, how important grit is to reach success. But I guess I didn’t really understand it until today, when I wanted to quit my writing challenge. It has been twelve days and I’m already struggling. Without any consistency in what I do, I will never create any results that matter.  Through the years of research conducted by Angela Duckworth and other researchers, we have seen countless of studies that show how grit is the best predictor of success. Grit is defined…Continue Reading “Day 12 – Why Grit Is The Best Predictor Of Success”

In Part 1 of this blog post I wrote about James Patterson’s tips to outline a novel. If you missed it, make sure you read it here. I also promised to give you an general outline which most Hollywood movies are based on. For simplicity you can divide your story into 3 acts which represents different parts of the story. I’ll begin to explain act 1. Act 1 – Opening conflict – Protagonist shown in daily life, before the transformation – Opportunity for change – Resistance to the opportunity – Point of no return – opportunity accepted Many stories are opened up with a…Continue Reading “Day 11 – Outlining Your Novel Part 2”

We are now celebrating the 10th day of my journey towards finishing my book and it feels great. Just looking at the word count, seeing increase everyday is very rewarding (now at 6505 words!). While doing this challenge I’m also trying to learn how to write by watching James Pattersons Masterclass. In today’s lesson he talked about outlining and I thought I would share a few things I’ve learned. “The most common mistake writers do is not making an outline”. That is the first thing…Continue Reading “Day 10 – Outlining Your Novel Part 1”

When writing a self-development book you inevitably come across the small subject of change. The concept of change and that anyone can make a change is, I guess, the most important thing for making personal development possible. But every now and then you hear people say that people never change. You can hear it when a friend is trying to argue against another friend’s bad partner: “You should leave him/her, people never change”. Or when a drunk is promising that he or she is sober now, they might…Continue Reading “Day 9 – People Never Change, Or Do They?”

It has now been a week since I started this challenge. I have written 5106 words in 8 days! Thank you again for all your support. Even though I’m very passionate about writing, I’m not sure I would have had the discipline to write this much if I didn’t set a daily goal. It’s not enough for me to just be passionate. I really need to create a strong habit that supports my passion. Here’s what I’ve learned:    Passion does not give you all the motivation you need to pull…Continue Reading “Day 8 – Passion + Habit”